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Once I read "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page" by Augustine of Hippo.

I was so impressed and wanted to explore the world as much as I can. Hence I visited many places.

Travel is one of the activities that help you in relaxing from stress. One can get to know different cultures, people, languages, places, food, lifestyle of the people, way of their living life in different weather conditions, main source of earning, traditional costumes etc. One can enjoy the beautiful Nature or can see wonderful architecture.

There are many beautiful things that one can only experience by visiting those places. For example one cannot experience Northern Lights everywhere. There are specific places one should go and experience this beautiful Natural phenomenon. And for that there is a specific time to go.

Similarly if you like to visit the famous Tulip Garden "Keukenhof" in Amsterdam, you must visit it during specific period to enjoy it's beauty.

To visit a new place there are many things needed to be planned. For example you need to consider the best time to visit, top attractions to cover, weather conditions (need to pack your luggage accordingly) etc. Also once you reach there, there are many options to explore the city. For example by booking City Sightseeing tours or by using public transportation to reach to the attraction. But if you use the public transportation, you can save your money and that too without getting into rush.

Our apps help you to save your time in planning your trip by providing details of the attractions and also have offline maps to use the public transportation. Nowadays almost everyone has a smart phone or a tablet. So there is no need to carry extra papers for the tourist attractions when you can have it in your smart device.

Check out Travel Tips page. Hope it will help you in your trip.

Our City Guides Apps are available for Android and iOS. Don't spend hours on Internet trying to organize your journey. Our Apps makes your trip easier and memorable by providing information required to have a successful trip.

Quick access to attractions, museums, churches, beaches, entry fee, how to reach, opening hours, contact details, offline and online map, emergency numbers, timezone, currency etc.

Features include:

  • Fully Illustrated: Not just text contents, but a visible experience of the city.
  • Up-to-date Guides: Carefully selected destinations and attractions of the city, with Offline and Online Map included.
  • Map Settings: Available options to choose between Online and Offline Map.
  • Rich Information: Offline information about destinations, how to reach, entry fee, contact details, opening hours, emergency numbers, timezone, currency etc.
  • Navigation with Ease: The guide locate all destinations on a zoomable map. It's easy to find out the right way to go.
  • Easy to Use: Integrated phone numbers for fast dialing. One click to send email or to access website of destination.
  • Create your own favorite list and also can see your favorite places on both online and offline maps.
  • Information Center: Details about Tourist Information Centre, opening hours, contact details etc.

Our Public Transport Apps are available for iOS and Android. Our Apps makes your travel easier by providing various public transport network maps of City. You can plan your further journey easier as you have all connection maps in your pocket.

Features include:

  • Public Transportation Maps: This guide features various zoomable public transport maps.
  • Useful Information: About the day tickets, where to get those tickets, fares, etc.

Our apps are updated continuously with latest information.

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London Eye,  London

London Eye,  London

Discoveries Monument, Lisbon

Discoveries Monument, Lisbon

Disneyland, Paris

Disneyland, Paris