d Shopping List

d Shopping List, an iPhone/iPad app for creating/managing several shopping lists through one app. You can get it on Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Features include:

- Your shopping lists/grocery lists stays always in your mobile and therefore with you wherever you go.

- It's a nice and an easy to use app that helps you in your shopping. You don't need to write everything on a paper, hence you can save one.

- You can share your shopping list with your family members and others through SMS, e-mail and many more. So the one who is at home can create the list and send/share through the app to the others members who can buy the stuff on way back home. And it's not required that the person with whom you share the list must have this app installed on his/her mobile.

- This app already has more than 300 items to select from. Moreover you can add more items and it remains with you as Recent items. Just you need to select the items either from all items list or from recent list and check/select them to add in a particular shopping list.

- Once you pick an item from the store among many in the list, you can check it in the app, means it's done and it automatically moves to the end of your list. So you only need to concentrate on the unchecked items in the list.

- You can make lists as per grocery shops, so that you don't need to scroll the whole shopping list for every grocery shop. You can create and manage the lists as per the stores.

- You can pin upto 3 shopping list as per your need. The pinned shopping list can also be accessible from side navigation.

- You can choose color for an item and thus can categorise as per colors. For example, you can choose green color, from the color picker, for vegetables and then all vegetable items will appear together in the list.

- You can add quantity and select units for the items.

- Also there is NO LIMIT on shopping lists with active subscription.

- You can remove all the checked items from the list at once just by clicking delete button on the top bar.

- You can delete or edit the items from all and recent items list.