Travel Tips

With my years of travel experience, I would like to share travel tips to make your travel more enjoyable.



Check for best time to visit


When you decide the place to visit it's important to find out the best time to visit that place. For example if you wanted to see the Northern Lights then the best time is in Winter and also one should check the moon cycle and avoid full moon nights.



Buy tickets in advance whenever possible


It's better to buy tickets online in advance to avoid long queues and safe time. Sometimes tickets are also cheaper when you buy online as compared to buy at the Ticket Counter. Also sometimes one can find good deals. For example Madame Tussauds Tickets are cheaper when you buy online.



Don't miss the opening timings


Check the opening timings before you visit the attraction that is on your list. Sometimes the opening timings also changes because of the maintenance work.



Carry an extra Camera battery


Don't forget to carry an extra camera battery if you like to do lot of photography or if you are a passionate photographer. Also not forget to carry battery charger. The battery tends to die fast in cold temperature.



Weather forecast


Pay an attention on the weather conditions on the days you travel. You might need to carry an Umbrella, Sunscreen lotion or additional warm clothes.



Buy a Travel Insurance


You never know of unfortunate situations like falling sick, injury, robbery, baggage lost etc. So having a travel insurance saves your money from paying huge bills.



One set of clothes in cabin baggage


It's recommended to carry atleast one set of clothes in your hand baggage in case of unfortunate baggage delays. If you are travelling with Kids always carry the stuff that you may require in your journey in the hand baggage.



Carry power adapter for destination country


Different countries have different power sockets which might not be compatible with your electronic devices. So check in advance and carry a power adapter accordingly to avoid unnecessary hassles.



Organize your Stuff


Avoid keeping all your money at one place. It's better to keep it at two or three places. Always keep minimum money in your wallet, only carry as much that you may require for the day. Make atleast two sets of your travel documents and also keep a soft copy of the same in your smart phone.



Medical kit


Always have a medical kit with you whenever you go for a trip. It should include the medicines that you take daily, eye drops etc. Also its better to carry a First Aid kit with you. Pay an attention on the expiry date. Also recommended to keep the Doctor's prescription with you.



Make your own check list


Make a checklist on your mobile to avoid forgetting important stuff required in your trip. Its good to have a soft copy so that you don't need to create checklist every time you travel.



Make yourself familiar with the new place


Check out the currency of the destination city that you are travelling to. Have a basic idea of the public transportation ticket price and taxi fare in advance. Also check your way from airport/train station/bus station to your hotel.


Its also good to have a basic idea about the language used in the destination city. Local people feels more happy and friendly when you know/speak few words with them like "Hi", "How are you?", "Thank you" etc. Otherwise smile is a universal language. :-)